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oneHello! Bee here. So, here we are a year later & I am delighted to share some digital content with you! Here you’ll find personal & professional anecdotes, recipes, & tutorials. I find that my first blog post should be, well, about me!

Food is central to the human experience. It crosses cultural boundaries, it soothes the soul. It tells stories & carries them down through generations. It is more than merely sustenance – it is love. I remember sitting on my grandmother’s back porch snapping fresh string beans for dinner that evening. I grabbed a Flintstone’s Orange Sherbet Push-Pop to fight off the Miami heat. We sat together & laughed as we watched her pups run around the yard. I’d walk out further to her mango tree with the most luscious fruits surrounding it’s base. I picked one up, bit into it slightly, & began to peel away it’s smooth exterior. The juice dribbled down my smiling face as the sun peaked through the canopy of trees above me. It was beautiful. It was simple. But, it will stay with me forever.

That’s the magic about food! It’s a language that everyone can speak. It transcends language barriers, race, cultures, sex, gender, age, & class. It fosters the growth of community, it creates a space for tradition. You can sit together not knowing a soul around you but you can still share that experience collectively. See, in my opinion, food is inextricably linked to who we are.

A culture’s cuisine is reflective of who they are & how they identify with the world around them. Sourcing locally & having native ingredients that have evolved with them over time. Taking hours, sometimes even days to prepare.

Food is also reciprocal. If shown respect, it will yield the most fruitful experiences. If executed with thoughtful gestures & a present mind it will transform into the most vibrant version of itself. Some ingredients like truffles or saffron (& at this point vanilla) cost a whole lot of money. But there is one ingredient that is actually the most important & costs absolutely nothing: love. You can feel the love & taste the passion. And sure, you can make it ridiculously complicated with 27 different components but really, what hits home for everyone, is simplicity. There’s just a certain beauty in it & we live in a world where we often over complicate things to compensate for our own desire to feed our human ego. To feel some sort of accomplishment for being “different” when in reality it’s taking away from the dish’s true essence by being bogged down & cluttered.

But you know what also comes across? When there is no love, when there is no intention. When I am stressed or having a bad day – it’s there. Those moments of frustration are present in every bite. When there is no attention to detail, it’s also visibly present. From prep all the way to plating you should always create with intention.

That is what I aim to do every day; to bake with intention. But for me, baking has been an experience through which I am finding myself. I am learning what dedication & hard work means. I have completely dedicated my life to this & spend hours reading/researching as I am completely self-taught. I celebrate my victories & critique my failures until I can find a way to make it just right. I am evolving as a person as I have had to find a new confidence I never thought I could possibly possess because when you work in the kitchen, you have to be tough. But as trying as this all has been, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’m honored that I have the opportunity to share the sweetest of moments with you. They are my memories as well & to me, it will never just be a “cake” or a “macaron”. It’s a moment. A moment that should be cherished & engrained into your heart forever.

Food is love. And I love that I am able to do that every day for the rest of my life. So, thank you for sharing this journey with me. I can’t wait for what is in store next!

Comment below with your favorite food memory. 🙂 Let’s start the conversation!


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